Survivor Recap: Tribal Council Explodes Into Sheer Madness (2024)

A lot of people are trying to take credit for Soda’s vote-out on Survivor. Venus took credit just minutes after the vote. Tevin planned on taking credit later, presumably if he ever hit those Final 3 Tribal Council seats, and Liz told the camera that voting “Soda” was not only her idea, but she had been planning on voting her out from the early days on Nami. Even the elusive Survivor “monster,” wherever he, she or it may be hiding, probably wants full kudos for poor Soda’s demise.

On Wednesday’s episode, everyone’s threat level seems to rise, leading to one of the season’s (and new era’s?) best Tribal Councils yet.

But before we get to all of that insanity, we’ve got to talk about our girl Venus here! She approaches Tevin for a conversation where she CONTINUES to bask in her own excellence… and straight to the guy who actually started the plan! (You’ve just got to love it, friends.) While Tevin (and myself) laughs behind her back, Liz’s anger rises… because she thinks it was her move! She vows to send a signal to the other players that she’s here to play — and boy, by episode’s end does she make good on that promise — but I can’t help but wonder what Venus must be thinking watching this all back. Tiffany doesn’t even want to get rid of her, calling her “another body” and “a nuisance,” which… yeah. (But once Tiff started talking smack about V, did you immediately think that Tiffany was a goner? Editing’s got me overthinking, man!)

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Q interviews Charlie about possibly joining his six, and while Charlie tells us its a job he wants to land, he’s uncertain if the other four are people he and Maria can beat in the end. While Charlie questions his chances of playing with the boys (cue the Kenny Loggins!), the boys want to play… hide and seek?! According to Venus and Q, people’s hide and seek tactics speak volumes about their Survivor games. (I’ve watched all 46 seasons, plus a few international ones, and this is hot-off-the-press news to me!) Since Ben was not found at all, Q says Ben made a mistake showing his hand. Apparently, you can’t just go around flaunting your mad hide and seek skills! Are you mad?! What you can do, however, is show off your fashion design skills. Walk that duck a bit! Tell us, Survivor fans: Would you pay top dollar for a Q skirt?

After Q’s fashion extravaganza wraps, Tiffany tells Tevin that she doesn’t mind keeping Venus around because no one’s listening to her anyway. But Q says taking a goat to the end is “old Survivor” and that’s not the game he’s trying to play. Then Tiffany makes an almost-fatal mistake: She pitches Maria’s name. Going for one of your alliance members is a big no-no, at least if you’re talking to “mob boss” Q. Fortunately for Tiff, Q has another unthinkable and chaotic plan in mind for later tonight…

IMMUNITY IS BACK UP FOR GRABS | The challenge is one we’ve seen 46 times in a row already (or at least it feels that way): the pole grab. Last man or woman standing wins.

Jeff throws in a new era twist though. Rice. Enough of it to last till the end of the season… but only if four players agree to sit out of the challenge. He also says he’ll accept two people giving up their vote at Tribal. No one wants to do that. Q and Liz agree to sit out, but no one else budges. For the first time in the new era, the banker Jeff receives one loud and proud: “NO DEAL!”

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The lack of food has really taken its toll, proving that this group should’ve 100% taken the rice because WHATWERETHEYTHINKING!? Hunter hangs in the longest and will not become the second member of the jury.

STRATEGY | Q still wants his Yanu bestie gone and despite the fact that a lot of people agree with him, Liz floats Tevin’s name and people seem receptive to it! He’s likable and socially savvy, and Liz isn’t wrong to feel threatened by that. But once Hunter gets wind of the new plan, he calls for an emergency meeting with his crew, which only goes to complicate matters even further.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | Jeff starts the conversation with the rice negotiation, but Q quickly steals the limelight when he says that everyone else is going back to camp tonight. He’s the one who will be leaving the game. (Not this again.) He says he doesn’t want anyone else to suffer because of a bad move he made. (Telling Hunter about the Tevin vote? Trying to throw your BFF under the bus? Which bad move, Q?! The people have a right to know!). Everyone is stunned. Is this a play? A Survivor version of Dan’s Big Brother funeral? But Q is resolute. He feels partially responsible for this… something, and he wants to fall on his sword so they can all move forward and actually start playing the game.

And ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the season’s first Live Tribal! The players are out of their seats talking and whispering. Q tells Tiffany that she’s going to get votes and that Yanu does not have enough to send Tevin packing. Gentle reader, this Tribal is an utter MESS. No one has the slightest idea of what to do or what’s about to go down. And to make matters worse, Charlie tells Tiffany that Q told him and Maria about her idol! (Talk about a game of telephone.)

Tiffany votes for Tevin. Tevin votes for Venus. Hunter votes with a sigh and says, “Whatever.” It is sheer madness. Jeff calls for idols and advantages. Nothing is played. But Tevin really should’ve used that extra vote of his (not like it would’ve helped) because he’s the one who’s voted out of the game.

Thoughts on that wild Tribal Council? We need to hear ’em. , then go full tilt boogie in the comments!

Survivor Recap: Tribal Council Explodes Into Sheer Madness (2024)


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