Indoor Family Fun : 25 Indoor Activities for Kids with Autism - Special Learning House (2024)

In this unsettling time you may be wondering how to bring more indoor family fun into your life. With children home from school and families indoors, you will need all the indoor activities for kids with autism that you can find! For the best autism activities for parents, teachers and therapists, get myautism activities workbook bundle.

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Create Indoor Family Fun with these 25 Indoor Activities for Kids with Autism

Join the Autism Activities Membership – for FREE!

The key to staying happy and positive during this time with your child at home will be organizing your time with your child and providing clear activities to do inside each day.

In light of the current world situation, I’ve decided to invite all families with children with special needs, or professionals who are supporting them, to join the Autism Activities Membership.

Join the Autism Activities Membership –
the first month of membership is free!

Download activities, print them out and just like that, you’ll have daily activities to do with your little one! ✨

Create a progress nook together

In order to get the most out of this time and to help your child continue towards his learning goals, create an adapted learning space at home. Having a dedicated space for learning will make all the difference. I call this space a “Progress Nook”. If you’d like to learn how to create an adapted Progress Nook for your child, enroll in my free email course : “Create a Progress Nook for your Child at Home” and I will teach you how to easily make one step by step!

Watch the beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium for guaranteed indoor family fun

You can watch a beluga webcam set up by the Georgia Aquarium.

Whip out the play dough and play with play dough mats

  • Fish Bowl Printable
  • Free Printable Colorful Socks Play Dough Mat

Use a visual schedule

Your child may be bouncing off the walls a bit at the moment or struggling with changes in routines and having to stay inside. Learn to make and ASD visual schedule here that you can start using with your child with autism immediately.

Build fine motor skills

  • Choose one of these 10 ideas for building your child’s fine motor skills.
  • Set up this .

E-visit the Louvre

Maybe you can’t visit Paris at the moment, but you can transport your family here online with virtual visits of the Louvre.

Get moving!

  • Dance
  • Do kids yoga

Make a sensory box

Choose one of these 25 sensory boxes for autism to make now with materials you already have at home!

Cook together

  • Choose a recipe and follow it together step by step.
  • Keep it simple and prepare one of these delicious smoothie recipes for kids!

Do some origami!

There’s lots of fun origami for kids in this post.

E-visit a Dog Shelter

You can see the lots of adorable dogs without leaving home with the Senior Dog Cam.

Start Using Sign Language

If your child struggles with communication, now is the perfect time to start using adapted sign language at home. To get started, download my Free Printable Signing Poster and you will learn the first 9 signs to teach your child.

Make slime together

Slime is such a fun learning tool. Choose one of these slime activities and engage your child in sensory play, build communication skills and build hand strength.

Watch the sea otter cam at the Monterery Aquarium!

You can watch the silly sea otters going about their daily activities at the Monterey Aquarium at any time of day.

Create a DIY Light Table and start playing!

You can easily create a kids light table at home in two simple steps with materials you already have inside. This will provide hours of learning fun!

Do an Earth Day Project

Get started celebrating Earth Day now with one of these easy and fun Earth Day projects – or do all 5!

Build cutting skills

If your child has been working on cutting skills at school, or in his therapy program, you want to make sure that he doesn’t lose the skills he has already built. Put some time aside each day for cutting practice.

Set up some Montessori Learning Trays

I love Montessori Learning Trays as a fun way to build new skills and keep little ones on the spectrum occupied! Learn to make Montessori Trays.

Garden (inside) together

Create a window garden! Gardening with children with autism is a great sensory activity. It’s also a great activity for building fine motor skills, gross motor skills and to teach following instructions. Use these garden ideas for children to create a window garden with your child with autism while you are inside. (It also incluses a bonus, free printable gardening visual schedule!)

Teach new vocabulary

This is the perfect time to print a game and work on some new vocabulary with your kiddo! Start with this free printable Fill the Fridge! Food Game or print out some autism worksheets to build new communication skills.

Visit the Zoo!

The Cincinnati Zoo will live streaming cute animals on their Facebook page every day at 3 pm.

Bake together

Choose one of these gluten free dessert recipes for kids and get baking!

Have an indoor picnic

Make treats, lay a blanket on the floor and enjoy a family picnic inside.

Go on a virtual field trip to Yellowstone National Park

Visit Yellowstone virtually and see Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin and Mud Volcano from the comfort of your home.

Looking for more virtual field trip ideas?

  • Virtual Field Trip Ideas
  • Ocean Field Trip Ideas
  • Easter Field Trip Ideas
  • Christmas Field Trips Ideas
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Indoor Family Fun

25 activities to help keep your child with autism occupied and learning at home!

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Indoor Family Fun : 25 Indoor Activities for Kids with Autism - Special Learning House (2024)


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