157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (2024)

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (1)

Looking for the perfect old fashioned girl name, for your sweet little baby girl? Well, you’re in luck! Keep reading for our list of the most classical old fashioned girl names that have stood the test of time! You will surely love these beautiful vintage girl names!

Old fashioned girl names have been popular for a long time. In the past, parents wanted their daughter to have a name that was unique and different from anyone else’s in the neighborhood.

Today, parents want their daughter to have a name that will stand out from her peers, but not one that is too unusual or “out there.”

There are many old fashioned baby girl names with meanings you can choose from that just radiate vintage charm!

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (2)

Table of Contents

What are old fashioned girl names and where do they originate from?

While old fashioned girl names may not be as popular anymore, they still have a lot of meaning and vintage charm to them.

These names are rich in history and culture which can only make your child feel special!

Some old fashioned girl names have meaning in languages such as Latin, Gaelic, and Native American.

Others are just derived from the English language. In any case, these old fashioned baby girl names with meanings will be sure to give your daughter a great start!

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157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (3)

157+ Old Fashioned Girl Names with Meaning from A to Z

Here is our list of 157+ Old Fashioned Girl Names with Meanings to give you inspiration.

You are sure to find the perfect vintage name for your daughter!

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Vintage Girl Names Starting with A:

1) Ada– German Origin- meaning noble, nobility.

2) Adelaide– German Origin- meaning noble, nobility.

3) AdeleFrench Origin– meaning noble, nobility.

4) Adeline– French Origin- meaning noble, nobility.

5) Agatha– Greek Origin- meaning a Good Woman.

6) Agnes– Greek Origin- meaning pure.

7) Alexandra– Greek Origin- meaning defending men.

8) Alice– German Origin- meaning noble.

9) Allegra– Italian origin- meaning joyous.

10) Amelia– German Origin- meaning work.

11) Anastasia– Greek Origin- meaning resurrection.

12) Anna– Hebrew Origin- meaning grace.

13) Annabelle– French Origin- meaning loving.

14) Antonia– Latin Origin- meaning priceless one.

15) Arabella– Latin Origin- meaning yielding to prayer.

16) Athena– Greek Origin- meaning war and wisdom.

17) Audrey– English Origin- meaning noble strength.

18) Augusta– Latin Origin- meaning Great, magnificent.

19) Aurelia– Latin Origin- meaning the golden one.

20) Aurora– Latin Origin- meaning dawn.

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Old Fashioned Girl Names Starting with B:

21) Bea– American Origin -meaning she who brings happiness.

22) Beatrx– Latin Origin- meaning she who brings happiness; Blessed.

23) Belle– French Origin- meaning beautiful.

24) Birdie– English Origin- meaning bird.

25) Blanche– French Origin- meaning white.

Starting with C:

26) Camilla – Latin Origin – meaning young ceremonial attendant.

27) Caroline– French Origin- meaning free.

28) Cassandra – Greek Origin- meaning shining or excelling.

29) Catherine– Greek Origin- meaning pure.

30) Cecilia– Latin Origin- meaning blind.

31) Celeste– Latin Origin- meaning heavenly.

32) Celia – Latin Origin- meaning heavenly.

33) Charlotte – French Origin- meaning free.

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34) Clara– Latin Origin- meaning bright, clear.

35) Cleo– Greek Origin- meaning glory.

36) Cora – Greek Origin- meaning maiden.

37) Cordelia – Latin Origin- meaning heart; daughter of the sea.

38) Cornelia– Latin Origin- meaning horn.

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (4)

Starting with D:

39) Dahlia – Swedish Origin- meaning Dahl’s flower; flower name.

40) Daisy – English Origin- meaning Day’s eye; flower name.

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41) Daphne – Greek Origin- meaning laurel tree, bay tree.

42) Delilah – Hebrew Origin- meaning delicate.

43) Delphine– French Origin- meaning dolphin.

44) Diana– Latin Origin- meaning divine.

45) Dora – Greek Origin- meaning Gift.

46) Dorothea– Greek Origin- meaning gift of God.

47) Dorothy– Greek Origin- meaning gift of God.

Starting with E:

48) Edith – English Origin- meaning prosperous in war.

49) Eleanor– English Origin- meaning unknown.

50) Elise– French Origin- meaning pledged to God.

51) Eliza– Hebrew Origin – meaning pledged to God.

52) Ella – German and English Origin- meaning all, completely; fairy maiden.

53) Eloise– French and English Origin- meaning Healthy; wide.

54) Elsie – Scottish Origin- meaning pledged to God.

55) Emilia– Latin Origin- meaning rival.

56) Emily– Latin Origin- meaning rival.

57) Emma– German Origin- meaning Universal.

58) Emmeline– French Origin- meaning Work.

59) Esme– French Origin- meaning beloved.

60) Estelle– French Origin- meaning star.

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61) Esther – Persian Origin- meaning star.

62) Etta– English and Scottish Origin- meaning poetry.

63) Eulalia– Greek Origin- meaning sweetly speaking.

64) Eva – Hebrew Origin – meaning life.

65) Evangeline– Greek Origin- meaning bearer of good news.

66) Eve– Hebrew Origin- meaning life.

67) Evelyn– French and German Origin- meaning desired; or water, island.

Starting with F:

68) Faith– English origin- meaning hope.

69) Faye– English Origin- meaning fairy.

70) Felicity– Latin Origin- meaning good fortune, happy.

71) Flora– Latin Origin- meaning flower.

72) Florence– Latin Origin- meaning flourishing, prosperous.

73) Frances– Latin Origin- meaning from France, free.

74) Frankie– French Origin- meaning from France, free.

75) Freya– Norse Origin- meaning a noble woman.

Starting with G:

76) Georgia – English Origin- meaning farmer.

77) Grace – English Origin- meaning grace.

78) Guinevere – Welsh Origin- meaning white shadow, white wave.

79) Gwendolyn– Welsh Origin- meaning white ring.

Starting with H:

80) Harriet– English Origin- meaning estate ruler.

81) Hazel– English Origin- meaning the hazelnut tree.

82) Helena– Greek Origin- meaning torch; shining light.

83) Hester– Persian Origin- meaning star.

84) Honor– Unknown origin- meaning honor.

85) Hope– English Origin- meaning hope.

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (5)

Starting with I:

86) Ida– German origin- meaning industrious one.

87) Imogen – Celtic origin- meaning maiden.

88) Ines– Italian Origin- meaning pure.

89) Ione– Greek Origin- meaning a violet-colored stone.

90) Iris– Greek origin- meaning rainbow.

91) Isabella– Spanish and Italian origin- meaning pledged to God.

92) Ivy– English Origin- meaning Ivy Plant; flower name.

Starting with J:

93) Jane– English Origin- meaning God is Gracious.

94) Jessamine – English Origin- meaning Jasmine.

95) Josephine– French Origin- meaning Jehovah increases

96) Julia– Latin Origin- meaning youthful or sky father.

97) Juliet– English Origin- meaning youthful or sky father.

98) June – Latin Origin- meaning month named for goddess Juno.

Starting with K:

Unfortunately, there are no Old Fashioned Girl Names that start with K.

Starting with L:

99) Leila– Arabic Origin- meaning night.

100) Lena– English Origin- meaning bright, beautiful.

101) Leonora– Italian origin- meaning unknown.

102) Lillian– English origin- meaning lily; pledged to God.

103) Lily– English Origin- meaning lily; flower name.

104) Lois– Greek origin- meaning most desirable.

105) Lola– Spanish Origin- meaning lady of sorrows.

106) Louise– French and English Origin- meaning renowned warrior.

107) Lucille– French Origin- meaning light.

108) Lucy– English Origin- meaning light.

109) Lula– Spanish Origin- meaning renowned warrior.

110) Lydia– Greek origin- meaning woman from Lydia.

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (6)

Starting with M:

111) Mabel – Latin Origin- meaning loveable.

112) Mae– English Origin- meaning bitter or pearl.

113) Magdalene– English Origin- meaning woman from Magdala or high tower.

114) Maisie– Scottish Origin- meaning pearl or bitter.

115) Mamie– Unknown origin- meaning Pearl.

116) Marcella– Latin Origin- meaning warlike.

117) Margaret– Greek Origin- meaning pearl.

118) Margot– French Origin- meaning pearl.

119) Marguerite– French origin- meaning pearl, daisy; flower name.

120) Mariah – Hebrew Origin- meaning the Lord is my teacher; or drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.

121) Matilda– German Origin- meaning battle-mighty.

122) Maude– German Origin- meaning battle-mighty.

123) Mercy – English Origin- meaning compassion.

124) Millie – German Origin- meaning gentle strength; strong in work.

125) Miranda – Latin origin- meaning marvelous.

Starting with N:

126) Nell – English Origin- meaning bright, shining one.

127) Nora – Irish Origin- meaning Light. (Want to see more cute Irish girl names?)

Starting with O:

128) Octavia– Latin Origin- meaning eighth.

129) Olive– English Origin- meaning olive tree.

130) Olivia– Latin Origin- meaning olive tree.

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131) Olympia– Greek Origin- meaning from Mount Olympus.

132) Ophelia– Greek Origin- meaning help.

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (7)

Starting with P:

133) Pandora– Greek origin – meaning all gifted.

134) Patience– Latin origin – meaning patience.

135) Pearl– Latin origin- meaning pearl.

136) Penelope– Greek origin- meaning weaver.

137) Phillippa – Greek origin- meaning lover of horses.

138) Phoebe – Greek Origin- meaning radiant, shining one.

139) Polly – English origin – meaning drop of the sea, bitter, beloved.

140) Posey– English origin – meaning a bunch of flowers.

Starting with Q:

Unfortunately, there are not any old-fashioned girl names starting with Q.

Starting with R:

141) Ramona– Spanish origin- meaning wise protector.

142) Rose – Latin origin – meaning rose, a flower name.

143) Rosemary – Latin Origin- meaning few of sea, or rosemary (herb).

144) Ruby – Latin Origin – meaning deep precious stone.

Starting with S:

145) Sabrina– Latin origin – meaning Celtic mythology name.

146) Sadie– Hebrew origin – meaning princess.

147) Selena– Latin origin- meaning moon goddess.

148) Seraphina– Hebrew origin- meaning ardent; fiery.

149) Serena– Latin Origin- meaning tranquil, serene.

150) Sophia– Hebrew origin – meaning wisdom.

151) Sophie– French origin- meaning wisdom.

152) Stella– Latin origin- meaning star.

153) Susannah– Hebrew origin- meaning lily.

154) Sybil– Greek origin- meaning prophetess.

155) Sylvia– Latin origin – meaning from the forest.

Starting with T:

156) Tabitha– Aramaic origin- meaning gazelle.

157) Tatiana– Russian origin – unknown meaning.

158) Tess– English origin – meaning to harvest.

159) Thea– Greek origin- meaning goddess, godly.

160) Theodora– Victorian origin- meaning gift of God.

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (8)

Starting with U:

161) Una– Latin Origin- meaning one; also, lamb.

Starting with V:

162) Vanessa – English origin – meaning a species of butterfly.

163) Vera – Russian origin – meaning faith.

164) Verity – Latin origin – meaning truth.

165) Victoria– Latin origin – meaning victory.

166) Vida– Spanish origin – meaning life.

167) Violet– English origin – meaning purple.

168) Vita– Latin origin – meaning life.

169) Vivian– Latin origin – meaning life.

Starting with W:

170) Willa– German Origin- meaning resolute protection.

Starting with X, Y:

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Old fashioned Baby Girl Names that start with X or Y.

Starting with Z:

171) Zara– Hebrew and Arabic Origin- meaning blooming flower; God Remembers.

172) Zelda– German Origin- meaning gray fighting maid.

Frequently Asked Questions about Classic Vintage Girl Names

You got questions, and we got answers! If you have any questions about old fashioned girl names, then check out these frequently asked questions about vintage girl names:

What is a good old fashioned name for a girl?

A good old fashioned name for a girl could be any of the following: Alice, Emma, Grace, Isabelle, Charlotte, Clara, Elizabeth, and even Margaret. All these names have strong historical roots and are great options for parents looking for a classic vintage name for their little girl.

What are unusual vintage girl names?

If you’re looking for an unusual vintage name for your baby girl, consider some of these options: Abigail, Cora, Daisy, Edith, Florence, Josephine, and Lucy. These names may not be as commonly used today but they still have a timeless quality that makes them perfect choices for parents who want their daughter to have a unique name.

What are some pretty rare girl names?

Pretty rare girl names may include Delilah, Freya, Josephina, Loretta, Matilda, Opal, Sylvia, and Yvonne. While some of these names have been around for centuries, their usage has become less common over time. If you’re looking for a name that is unique and special without being too outlandish, these names may be perfect for your little one.

Are there any strong classic girl names?

Absolutely! Some great examples of strong classic girl names are Amelia, Audrey, Beatrice, Cora, Irene, Jane, and Victoria. These powerful names have been around for many years and exude a sense of strength and grace that will serve your daughter well as she grows.

Do vintage girl names have to be Old English?

No, vintage girl names don’t have to be Old English in origin. In fact, some of the most beautiful and timeless vintage girl names come from other languages or cultures, such as French, Spanish, or even Hawaiian. Consider unique choices like Estelle, Isabella, or Leilani for your daughter’s special name.

What are quirky vintage names?

If you’re looking for a vintage name with an extra touch of quirkiness, consider some of these options: Ada, Edna, Gertrude, Lillian, or Phoebe. These names are all unique and may evoke a sense of nostalgia while still being modern and unexpected.

157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (9)

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Last Thing You Need To Know About Old Fashioned Girl Names

Now that you have a list of your favorite Old Fashioned Girl Names for your baby girl, you can sit around and discuss Elegant vintage baby girl names with you and your significant other. I know you’ll pick a great old fashioned girl name for your daughter! 🙂

As always Sharing is Caring! Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends, and family, and on social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.). What are your favorite Old fashioned baby girl names? Comment below to let us know what they are and we will add them to our list! We hope that these ideas helped 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (10)
157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (11)
157+ Old Fashioned [Vintage] Girl Names with Meanings That Are Classic – My Motherhood Made Easy (2024)


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